Original Don-Q Inc.

Is named in honor of the main character in the novel The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of LaMancha written by Spanish author, Miguel de Cervantes, published in 1615.  Don Quixote, the dreamer who believes in chivalry and justice for all, embarks on a journey filled with adventures to protect his true love, and to rescue the oppressed, poor and downtrodden. Don Quixote believes so much in his cause that he is willing to sacrifice everything to overcome adversity, even if his actions do not match  society’s expectations. He is a man led by his heart. The Original Don Q, Inc. was founded on the basis of friendship, common purpose, a love of good times, and a desire to offer a premier entertainment experience to be shared with family and friends. In the spirit of Don Quixote, we welcome you to our family and invite you to join us on our journey.